A.J. Kluver

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Rose Johnson

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Altar Guild

Gayle Nemmers

Coordinators - Gayle Nemmers and Laurie Kluver


Wilma Johnson Kathy Withers/Pat Denke

Church Council

Gaylen Lerohl



COUNCIL MEMBERS:   Gaylen Lerohl - President, Doyle Polson - Vice President, Dave Moeller - Secretary, Ken Elvehjem, LouAnn Peterson, Gregg Stoen, LaVerne Floen, Wilma Johnson, Tonia Hagedon, Pastor A.J. Kluver                                                                                      

APPOINTED POSITIONS:  Paul Johnson - Treasurer  Brad Forbrook - Financial Secretary

COUNCIL LIAISONS: Youth Chris Ed-Gregg Stoen                                 Evangelism Committee - Wilma Johnson

                                       Adult Chris Ed/Library - David Moeller                    Personnel Committee - Doyle Polson, Chair

                                       Property/Kitchen/Tech - Laverne Floen                   Stewardship/Memoria - David Moeller

                                      Worship.Altar/Music - Doyle Polson                         WOW - LouAnn Peterson




Meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m.


(Contact the President with concerns the Council should consider, and/or address the Council in person during our "Open Forum" time set aside during each Council meeting.)




David Moeller

Committee Members: David Moeller-Chair, Harold Withers, Gregg Stoen, Wayne Becker


David Anderson

Committee members: David Anderson - Chairman, Marvelle Weispfennig - Secretary, Jim Nelson, Wilma Johnson - Council Liaison


Terri Elsey

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Terri Elsey - Chair, Barb Engebretson, Cindy Forbrook, Kay Elvehjem - Council Liaison


Cassie Baas

 Carolyn Moeller and Cassie Baas

Council Liaison - David Moeller

Memorial Committee

Jan Ferguson Terri Elsey

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Jan Ferguson and Terri Elsey

Council Liaison - David Moeller


Barb Engebretson

Committee members:  – Barb Engebretson (Chair), Cindy Forbrook (Secretary), Carla Beem, Carol Wiitanen, Cindy Lerohl-Love INC Rep. 

 Council Liaison - 




Carolyn Moeller

Coordinators - Carolyn Moeller and Nancy Anderson


Ed Weispfennig

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Ed Weispfennig - Chair, Allison Beach-Secretary


Doyle Polson

Doyle Polson (Chair), Dan Engebreston, Brad Forbrook, Jan Ferguson


Harold Withers

Committee members: Harold Withers - Chair, James Baas - Secretary,  Matt Beach, Bill Finley, Dave Kaiser

Council Liaison - Laverne Floen


Bill Finley

Committee Members: Bill Finley

Council Liaison - David Moeller


John Kirckof

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Committee members: John Kirckof - Chair, Dave Anderson - Secretary, Wayne Becker,  Advisors: Ken Elvejhem, Jan Ferguson

Coucnil Liaison - Laverne Floen 

Youth Christian Education Committee

Shelly Nelson

Committee members -Shelly Nelson - Chair, Susan Polson - Secretary, Cassie Baas, Allison Beach, Cindy Forbrook

Council Liaison - Gregg Stoen 

Adult Christian Education Committee

Kathy Withers

 Kathy Withers - Chair, Laurie Kluver - Secretary, Carolyn Moeller, Janet Graveley, Wilma Johnson, Cindy Forbrook

Coucnil Liaison - David Moeller 



Steven Ferguson

Steve Ferguson - Chairman, Nancy Anderson - Secretary, Jim Nelson, Carolyn Moeller, Gregg Stoen, Gayle Nemmers, Carla Beem, Barb Engebreson

Council Liaison - Doyle Polson

WOW (Women of the Word)

Carolyn Moeller

Carolyn Moeller - President,  Nancy Anderson - Vice President,  Jan Ferguson - Treasurer/Secretary,  Cindy Lerohl - Resource Leader

Council Liaison - LouAnn Peterson

Group Leaders:  Shirley FInley, Angie Anderson, Barb Engebretson

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Dave Anderson

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Jan Ferguson

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